SOARing to New Heights with Attack Surface Management

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With a third of successful breaches now originating with unmanaged or unknown assets, understanding your attack surface and being able to prioritize new risks as they emerge has never been more essential.

Leading organizations know they can not solve this issue alone and are integrating the attacker’s perspective into their asset, vulnerability, and threat management workflows to quickly find, prioritize, and act upon previously unknown assets and risks before they’re exploited by malicious attackers.

Join Air Canada’s Kyle Howson and Randori’s CTO David Wolpoff at 2pm EST on February 18, 2021 for a live webinar.

They’ll break down how Air Canada integrates Randori’s attacker’s perspective into LogicHub's playbooks to bridge the gap between Security and IT, by:

  • Establishing an external source of truth for threat prioritization between Security and IT
  • Increasing the efficiency of remediation efforts by combining threat intelligence with real time visibility into their attack surface
  • Identifying process failures and shadow IT that poses categorical risks.
  • Leveraging the attacker’s perspective to turn threat data into actionable narratives both executives and practitioners can agree-on.
  • Saving time and money by focusing teams on the specific threats that pose the greatest risk to Air Canada.


Watch the recording

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