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Security begins with knowing what to protect
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Moving from reactive to proactive, Randori Recon delivers an outside-in view of your organization to understand how and where an adversary will target you next. This proactive approach to Attack Surface Management helps answer the critical question of what your organization looks like from an attacker’s point of view, while outlining how you should prioritize the exposures which pose the greatest risk.

Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 12pm EST to see how Randori helps you: 

  • Discover Your Unknowns: View your perimeter like an attacker to expose misconfigurations and process failures. No installation required.

  • Prioritize Your Findings: Find your top targets - where an attacker will strike first. Patent-pending model built on hacker logic.

  • Reduce Your Attack Surface: Stay a step ahead of shadow IT, M&A and unexpected change. Alerts inform you of new risks as they arise.

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