Getting on target: Attacker’s perspective of your attack surface

Wednesday June 23rd at 12PM EST

Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category of solutions that aims to help organizations address this challenge by providing an external perspective of an organization’s greatest external risks.  

In this session, Aaron Portnoy, Principal Scientist at Randori will break down why an attacker's perspective is fundamental to ASM. Aaron will walk through example perimeter targets and break down why security teams are adopting the attacker's perspective to reduce noise, prioritize risk and get on target faster.

Following the webcast, Aaron will be available for a private AMA. Following Chatham House Rules - what happens in the Q&A stays in the Q&A - this is a unique opportunity for security leaders to get an adversary's perspective on pressing challenges and today's evolving threats. Submit a question ahead of time with the form below. 

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About the Speaker

Aaron Portnoy

Aaron Portnoy, is Principal Scientist and member of the Randori Attack Team. The original architect of the Pwn2Own contest, co-founder of Exodus Intelligence and former manager of the Zero Day Initiative, Aaron brings unrivaled experience in developing advanced offensive capabilities to the Randori team. In this role, Aaron focuses on accelerating Randori’s ability to scale the red team experience through the development of new attack techniques and delivery systems.

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