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Trends in Security Hygiene and Posture Management

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Security Hygiene and Posture Management Remains Decentralized and Complex 

76% of organizations experienced some type of cyberattack due to an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed internet-facing asset, according to a 2023 survey by Enterprise Strategy Group.

Factors such as a growing attack surface, the increased use of cloud computing, and the need to support a remote workforce can create security vulnerabilities that lead directly to cyberattacks. Unfortunately, most organizations continue to approach security hygiene and posture management with point tools, spreadsheets, and manual processes. Only 26% of organizations perform continuous attack surface management.

More insights from the survey of nearly 400 IT and cybersecurity professionals:

62% claim their attack surface increased over the past 2 years

72% said attack surface discovery takes more than 40 person hours to complete

56% claim they sometimes struggle to understand which assets are business critical

49% think performing continuous security control validation would most improve security hygiene and posture management

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