Attack Surface Management & Continuous Red Teaming

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You can’t protect what you can’t see. Randori helps organizations regain control by providing you with a real time attacker’s perspective of your external attack surface. Going beyond asset discovery, Randori provided a detailed assessment of each target to build a comprehensive view into your organization’s greatest internet-facing risks.

Schedule a 45 min discovery session to see how Randori can help you: 

  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Uncover Shadow IT, misconfigurations and process failures 
  • Prioritize your greatest external risks 

"Before Randori Recon, we were struggling to have a continuous view of our assets exposed through external perimeters or hosted at the Cloud Service Provider environments...Randori helps in our quest to dynamically identify these external facing applications and assets."

Director, IT Security



Regain Control of Your Perimeter

With the rise of cloud computing and the rapid transition to work from home, maintaining a perfect inventory of every internet-exposed asset has become an impossible challenge. Randori helps you regain control by identifying the external assets most likely to be targeted by an attacker. Using the same black box approach employed by elite red teams and cyber criminals alike, getting started is as simple as providing an email address.

See how Randori Recon

  • Discovers unknown assets
  • Identifies process failures
  • Enables teams to reduce risk over time
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Randori Recon Attack Surface Management

Gain An Attacker’s Perspective

To manage your attack surface, you first need to understand it. With business changes, cloud migration, shadow IT, and a remote workforce, your perimeter is continuously changing. Often escaping vulnerability scans and yearly assessments, these changes represent windows of opportunities for attackers looking to bypass your defenses. Discover them with Randori.
Just like real threat actors, Randori continuously profiles your external attack surface, looking for unexpected changes. Armed with an attacker's perspective, Randori has helped dozens of organizations uncover blind spots, misconfigurations, and process failures they otherwise would have missed. 


SANS Guide to Evaluating Attack Surface Management

Download this complimentary SANS Analyst Report to learn how enterprises are leveraging ASM to reduce their risk, the critical capabilities any ASM solutions must offer and how SANS recommends enterprises approach evaluating the effectiveness of ASM solutions.

Learn why Attack Surface Management is becoming an essential enterprise capability.